Best body massage in dhaka gulshan -1

Best body massage Spa in dhaka gulshan -1


Looking for the best body massage services in Dhaka’s affluent Gulshan-1 area? You’ve come to the right place. Gulshan is home to some of the top spas and massage centers in Dhaka, known for providing luxurious and therapeutic massage experiences.

In this article, we have researched and curated the absolute best body massage services in Gulshan-1. These spas employ professional masseuses with extensive training in a variety of massage techniques ranging from Swedish to Thai to aromatherapy. They use high-quality oils and equipment to give you a truly pampering experience.

So without further ado, here is our pick of the top 10 best body massage services in Gulshan 1:

Body Massage Spa

Operating since 2012, Sense Spa N’ Salon is one of the most reputable massage and spa service providers in Gulshan 1. They have heavily invested in bringing certified masseuses and state-of-the-art equipment to provide bespoke therapeutic solutions for clients’ needs.

Their body massage services are both rejuvenating and healing. The trained and experienced therapists customize the massage techniques based on your muscle conditions and preferences. They offer Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Sports massage among their signature body massages.

The spa environment is clean, serene, comfortable, and private for their clients. They ensure the highest hygiene standards and use top-notch massage equipment. Their masseuse team is also one of the best in Dhaka, going through 500 hours of intensive massage therapy certification.

Soybean Spa

Operating for over a decade, Soybean Premium Thai Spa has become synonymous with authentic Thai massage in Bangladesh. This Luxury spa employs expert masseuses trained in Traditional Thai Massage techniques by the prestigious ITM Massage School of Thailand.

They offer an extensive Thai body massage menu including their signature Soybean Royal Thai Massage – a 150-minute delightfully therapeutic massage session. They also have Thai Warm Oil Massage, Thai Aromatherapy Massage, and Thai Herbal Compress Massage options.

The Soybean Spa exudes a rich Thai vibe in terms of interior design as well as hospitality. The two-story spa facility has greenery and water features adding to the zen atmosphere. Expert female and male Thai masseuses are available in Soybean Spa to provide gender-specific services.

Soybeans have also been lauded for maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in their treatment rooms and facilities. The natural and chemical-free massage oils and high-quality beds and furniture also earn them rave reviews from their clients.

Serenity Spa and Salon

Serenity Spa & Salon secures a spot among the best body massage services in Gulshan courtesy to their stress-lifting massage treatments and welcoming ambiance.

This luxury spa provides Swedish, Aroma Therapy, Traditional Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, and Sports therapies for ultimate body massage pampering. Their loyal clientele swear by Serenity Spa’s unique Hydrotherapy water massage for its therapeutic and detoxifying benefits.

The tranquil and sleekly designed spa rooms ooze minimalism and invite you to relax, revive, and renew your energy. The spacious changing area, private in-room showers, and cleverly placed warm and cold rooms evoke a resort-like feeling.

All the private massage and spa rooms are also equipped with en-suite bathrooms with rain showers to maximize clients’ privacy and ease. The affordably priced premium services position Serenity Spa as a neighborhood city spa favorite.

Asia Spa

Asia Spa needs a little introduction to spa enthusiasts in Dhaka. Nestled in Gulshan 1, this luxury wellness oasis has been doling out premier massage and body care services since 1997.

Asia Spa’s extensively trained masseuses deliver specialized massage modalities like Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese and Thai Style Massage, and more. The spa menus are thoughtfully designed keeping their diverse global clientele of locals and expats in mind.

You can indulge in their signature massages like Natural Face Lift Massage, Asia Queen Experience with luxurious Lulur herbal body scrub, or opt for couple massages. All massages are performed using organic massage balms, moisturizers, creams, and essential oils imported from Thailand.

The iconic Thai-style spa architecture featuring dense foliage, water bodies, and pagoda roofs makes it one of the most visually stunning spas in Dhaka city. The eight luxurious spa suites are also elegantly decorated with imported Asian artifacts and textiles for an authentic oriental appeal.

Amrita Spa

Head down to Gulshan Prime 114 if you wish to retreat into a blissful haven which is Amrita Spa. This ecologically built LEED platinum facility has gained immense popularity for its wholesome approach toward nurturing body, mind, and soul.

Amrita Spa boasts one of the most extensive body massage menus in Dhaka ranging from therapeutic deep tissue rub downs, and calming aromatherapy enhanced massages to signature detoxifying toning meridian massages plus wraps and scrubs.

They have specially designed five rejuvenating Body Rituals that restore health, heal muscle fatigue, eliminate toxins, soften skin and even helps with jet lag recovery. Their in-house Ayurveda expert also offers authentic Abhyanga Massage therapy for holistic healing.

You can take advantage of their steam, jet bath, and sauna facilities before the massage session to improve blood circulation and maximize benefits. All the treatment suites also feature private showers, floral baths, and exclusive locker rooms for your convenience.

The Green Contour Spa

Manicured garden views, a rooftop relaxation lounge, an aqua massage pool, and expert masseuses specializing in Eastern and Western techniques give Green Contour Spa an edge over regular body massage services in the neighborhood.

This recently refurbished boutique spa tucked inside Maisha Spice restaurant has a tranquil vibe coupled with warm and attentive hospitality.

The extensive spa menu lets you build your own pampering experience starting from a therapeutic full body massage or foot massage followed by a manicure, pedicure, and some rejuvenating beauty services.

Swedish, Thai, and Combo massage comes highly recommended by regulars along with their signature Marine muscle-releasing therapy and segmental massage. The spa uses top-quality 100% organic massage oils to deliver maximized health benefits.

With both male and female professional masseuses trained in specialty spa skills and etiquette standards, Green Contour ensures comfort along with world-class services. Book a session to discover why their affordable massage packages are a hit among tourists and locals alike.

Maan Spa

Touted for bringing the famed Thai hospitality to the heart of Gulshan, Maan Thai Spa remains one of the foremost body massage destinations here. They elevate everyday massages into a cultural immersion of the exotic Thai healing traditions.

Highly skilled Thai therapists deliver acupressure-focused, stretch-induced Royal Thai Massages designed to boost energy flow and improve flexibility while soothing muscle pains. Guests can customize pressure levels as per individual preference and pain thresholds.

The classically Thai ingredients of lemongrass, plai, turmeric, kaffir lime make cameos in the Aromatic Oil Massages in tandem with Swedish Effleurage and Shiatsu movements. Exclusive traditional Thai Massage techniques passed down generations represent Maan Spa’s legacy.

All body massages happen inside tastefully decorated private suites to ensure optimal privacy and discretion for guests. Clean towels, disposable undergarments, personal lockers, grooming, shower, and steam rooms all reaffirm their promise of delivering Thai hospitality in Bangladesh.

Sattva Spa

The newly launched Sattva Spa located inside Saffron restaurant brings a contemporary edge to Gulshan’s body massage offerings. Sattva meaning purity and wisdom in Sanksrit epitomizes their holistic approach to nurturing health and wellbeing through massage.

Highly qualified, expert therapists deliver specialized Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, and Signature massage in tandem with sound, chromo, and aroma therapy for therapeutic harmonization.

The avant-garde spa features high-end massage tables, ergonomic masseuse stools, and infrared lamps procured from leading manufacturers in Australia and Canada. Soundproof rooms with voice-controlled lighting and a built-in music system augmented by bespoke blended aroma oils make up for a truly futuristic massage experience.

Men and women can sign up for gender-exclusive sessions across an extended spa menu covering nourishing organic facials, crowd-pleasing pedicure & manicure services along Moroccan bath rituals. Book a massage session or a pamper package to discover their unique spa hospitality.

Prana Spa & Salon

Known for its professional service standards and stellar hospitality, Prana has been among the popular names for full-body massage in Gulshan ever since its launch.

The extensive menu lets you pick from Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Balinese, Thai, Reflexology & Foot Massage along with signature Olive oil and Volcanic hot stone massage.

Therapists conduct in-depth health, mood, and mindset analyses of clients before designing bespoke sessions with customized oil blends, adjustable massage pressure, stretch movements, and rolling techniques.

Private in-suite showers, hair & face wash, standard salon services, and relaxing chill zones for pre and post-therapy relaxation make Prana Spa an attractive self-care destination. Both male and female professional attendants and affordable AC and Thai room packages drive their strong neighborhood client loyalty.

Samsara Spa & Resort
Gulshan Lake is hands down one of Dhaka’s most spectacular urban retreats. This is why a luxury spa specializing in holistic body massage located here automatically merits attention.

Built across 6000 square feet of space with birch tree-lined interiors, Samsara Spa & Resort transports you to tropical climes with its Santorini-inspired architectural brilliance. Eight plushly designed spa suites ensure optimal privacy during personalized therapy sessions.

Choose from Swedish, Balinese, and Thai, or go for East-West Fusion full body massages harnessing aromatic healing oils matched with signature acupressure and kneading strokes tailored to your needs. Their artfully conceptualized spa journeys blend massage and body Polish sessions with relaxing bathing rituals.

Round off the renewing experience with healthy smoothies and meal options at their scenic lake-facing café. Discounted weekday deals, gift cards, and an annual membership scheme make repeat visits pocket-friendly too!

Oriental Thai Spa

Craving authentic Thai massage without hopping on a flight to Thailand? Simply book an appointment in Oriental Thai Spa nestled in Gulshan 1.

Fusing traditional Thai healing wisdom with contemporary wellness techniques, this boutique luxury day spa has therapeutic body massage down to an art form.

Highly trained Thai masseuses schooled in ancient Siamese bodywork deliver signature Thai Massages designed to release muscle tension, activate energy meridians, and promote flexibility through assisted Yoga stretches. Guests can customize pressure levels to ease out chronic pain points too.

The menu also features aromatherapy-focused Swedish massage, muscle-kneading Deep Tissue massage tension-melting Hot Stone massage, and wraps. All spa suites come equipped with private shower rooms, lockers, and grooming stations. Book a package to surrender your senses to their healing touch.

Beauty & Body Spa by La Reve

La Reve needs no separate introduction to beauty and wellness enthusiasts in Dhaka. Since 2018, their Beauty & Body Spa tucked inside their signature Gulshan flagstore has carved out a niche by marrying French beauty wisdom with American spa hospitality.

The treatments menu puts well-trained hands to work delivering therapeutic, toning, and even cellulite-diminishing body massages harnessing premium quality oils, creams, and equipment. Gorgeously designed private suites take pampering to the next level.

Choose from relaxation-focused Aromatherapy Massage, skin nourishing Coconut Oil massage, Pre-Natal Massage for moms to be, or go for the slimming action of their Signature Endermology body massage augmented with LPG technology.

Round it off with an Appetizing Healthy plate meal and Beauty & Body spa transforms into your one-stop urban wellness sanctuary. Discover it to believe it!

In a bustling megacity life, a good body massage has the superpowers to transport you to spa heaven. These 10 names ranked as top body massage services in Dhaka’s posh Gulshan 1 locality let you experience sheer bliss while renewing your mind, body, and spirit.

Hopefully, this list gives you a complete overview of premier spas for therapeutic body massages housed inside the diplomatic enclave of Gulshan in Dhaka city. Most names come vetted for superior quality benchmarked against global spa hospitality standards in terms of ambiance, service, professional competence, and maintaining sterling hygiene protocols.

While a majority features authentic Thai massage given the popularity of this ancient healing treatment here, Swedish, aromatherapy and other massage styles also make recurring appearances tailored to relieve metropolitan lifestyle-induced chronic pain and anxieties.

Signature massages conceptualized by in-house experts focused on pampering pregnant women, showing love for duo, and even fusing innovative wellness modalities like underwater massage, sound therapy, Ayurveda, and hot stone treatments take guest experiences beyond the usual.

So simply take your pick depending on preferred massage techniques, therapists’ gender preference, package affordability, and facility architecture to match your comfort zone.

Whichever spa wellness sanctuary you end up choosing, a session here is sure to melt away muscular knots also revitalize your soul courtesy of skilled hands delivering bespoke therapeutic massages coupled with trademark warm Asian hospitality.

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