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Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage is the most popular spa massage in Dhaka Thai Spa. People search for body to body massage besides searching for spa near me. Actually body to body massage is explained as a woman therapist will provide it to you where she will massage you with her body.

Full Body Massage

Full body massage is the most important spa massage for them who wants to relief from anxiety. People wants to get full body massage by searching spa near me. An expert female therapist will provide this service to you. This service can make you more happy than other massage spa.

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional Massage is basically Thailand based massage service. This is maintain by an expert therapist who has completed a training from an institute of Thai massage. This massage is more popular to them who wants to get a foreign style spa service from his nearby spa centers.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a body spa services where a female therapist provide this spa service. Actually she will be fully unpacked and she will provide the special massage package by her sensitive parts of her body. Who loves spa sex they can get this spa package .

Aroma Oil Massage

Aroma oil is very beneficial for human body. The aroma oil of Dhaka Thai Spa is imported from India. When people search for spa near me, he thought for aroma oil at first. A female therapist will provide this massage service with purified aroma oil . You will enjoy it interestingly.

Sensual Massage

Sensual massage usually involves a tingling sensation. Here a sweet girl will give you a kind of pleasure by tickling you. This special massage is able to wake up the sleeping parts of your body. It may be ensured that you will get a happy ending spa from here.

Dry Massage

Dry massage is basically a massage service where you can feel relax your body and refresh your mind. You can get this massage package from Dhaka Thai Spa at a reasonable price. here a female therapist will provide you a special body spa service. You will get a happy ending spa from this package.

Oil Massage

Oil massage is a the main part of spa services. A massage may not be fulfilled without oil. Dhaka Thai Spa in Banani use the premium quality oil for oil massage. All of our oils are imported from foreign country. This oils are very expensive but provide this massage service at very reasonalbe price.

Foot Massage

Foot massage is the cheapest spa in Dhaka. This is very affordable spa package. This spa service provided by a sweet female therapist who know what is your needs for your foot. Besides they will provide the foot spa service as per your direction. You can get this affordable spa from Dhaka Thai Spa.

Back & Shoulder Massage

Back and Shoulder massage is very essential spa for them who spent their days at office or business lead. They feel boar at end of the day. They find the happy ending spa near me for relief from the pain of the whole day. They want to get the back and shoulder massage from the sweet female therapist.

Four Hand Massage

Obviously you are feeling how is the four hand massage by seeing this name of the massage. Yes this massage is provided by twice cute female. They will provide a special massage where you will get a happy ending spa by them. They are ready to provide you the premium spa massage.

Special Massage

Special package means a spa package where you will get some special features. Dhaka Thai Spa always try to provide the premium spa massage services to their customer. So we have made a special package spa. A cute and sweet female therapist is ready to provide you a special massage therapy .

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Dhaka Thai Spa is a spa parlor where people can get their favorite body spa packages. This spa center provide various kinds of spa services at reasonable price. There are many spa center in Dhaka city but Dhaka Thai Spa is the best spa in Dhaka. This is located at Banani, Dhaka. This spa service provider is the best spa in Dhaka. 

How is Dhaka Thai Spa:

Many people search by spa near me keyword and they find us at the first page of their search list. This spa center provide some services as like as Dusai resort & spa. The massage spa of this spa center are very interesting. We have many expert therapist who observe you at first and then they take a decision which spa package you need. They provide you the spa services which is essential for you but they work as per direction. Everyday we receive our regular clients and they visit and get our spa services. They are fully satisfied to us and they write their reviews at our business page at google map.

How you will get Dhaka Thai Spa:

When you are searching the best spa in Banani or top ten spa in Banani, you should find us at top. This is a matter of joy that Dhaka Thai Spa is the top rated spa in Gulshan. If anyone find the best spa in Gulshan 2 he will be found us at the top. We do not provide hair spa. Many of spa lovers search by Loreal hair spa, but we do not provide this service. There are many spa in Bangladesh. A large number of spa in Cox’sbazar which are located at many tourism places. They provide various kind of spa nearby customers. Customer get the real happiness at spa sex. You should find spa center near you by some keywords. Such as, spa nearby, best spa in Dhaka, spa near me, Body spa near me, Gulshan spa, spa in Uttara, spa in Chittagong etc.

Packages of Dhaka Thai Spa:

Dhaka Thai Spa is the best spa in Dhaka who provide the happy ending spa. We have 3 spa packages which are 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes. We provide full day packages also if you need. You can get our spa packages as per your custom need. We provide our packages minimum 60 minutes up to 12 hrs. Our packages are started from 3000 BDT only.

Services of Dhaka Thai Spa:

We have 12 popular spa services. Our services are Dry massage, Thai traditional massage, Nuru massage, Full body massage, Body to body massage, Four hand massage, Sensual massage, Back and Shoulder massage, Aroma oil massage, Oil massage, Foot massage and a special package. We provide some others massages which are Body sandwich massage, Hot stone massage, Hair therapy etc.

Benefit of Spa:

There are many benefits of the health spa. If you visit any spa center in Dhaka you should see a matter that all spa center use no spa tablet. They provide the spa services fully naturally. So this type of spa near me are very helpful to our health. Many people are finding body massage spa near me. They visit the spa centers and get their essential spa. By getting their favorite spa services they enjoy himself very much. If you are looking for the massage spa near me you should visit Dhaka Thai Spa in Banani. Oil massage spa near me also help you to find the best spa near you.

Some keywords will help you find the spa center:

Visitors search spa center ball with different keywords at different times. Many times they don’t find the right information with their search keywords because they don’t understand how to search to find the right thing. Mentioned below are some keywords which are searched by people at different times in our country to get the nearest centers:

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How to take spa:

Spa is very beneficial for the body. But only if it follows the rules then its benefits can be properly obtained. Irregularity does nothing good. Therefore, spa should be taken according to the correct rules without taking excessive spa or spa services outside the rules. A spa once or twice a week is beneficial. Generally spa should take more than 1 to 2 hours. Excessive spa can make the body sick. Spas usually provide relief from various anxieties or fatigue. But taking too much spa can cause pain in the body.

Spa for whom:

The spa is mainly for adults. Both men and women can take it. Physically weak and strong all can take spa. Those who are fed up with marital problems can take a spa at Banani to get some relief. In the spa in Dhaka, many clients rush to spa in Banani for a little relief from marital problems. Not only family problems but also when the pressure of office work causes irritation or discomfort then common people come to take spa. Even when they are overstressed, more and more seek Spa Near Me.

How can you find us:

You can find us very easily by using the keywords we have provided. If you are coming from Banani, Gulshan or Mohakhali, you can reach us within only 10-15 minutes around. You can search at google map just type Dhaka Thai Spa or Spa near me. This is located at the road no 18 at Banani J block. Our spa center is marked as house no 46 at there. We have provided the Google map direction here. You can also use the direction by clicking the map.

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